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Tiina grew up in a suburb of Zurich and was an enthusiastic storyteller and songwriter already in her childhood and adolescence.

In 2006 she graduated from the Zurich University of Teacher Education as a pre-school teacher.

Since then, thanks to her encounters with countless, magical children, she has learned that it is the little things in life that often mean the greatest happiness.

Tiina lived in Finland for six years after completing her stud-

ies. Since returning to Switzerland, she and Alexander have been on their way to make their lives, and thus the world, a little more colorful and magical every day.

Alexander grew up in East Germany and has had a wide range of interests since childhood.

He has always been passionate about art, music, ceramics, literature, photography, yoga, nature and technology.

As a stage dancer, dental technician, engineer, in management or shiatsu he was always looking for happiness.

Then Alexander climbed mountains, searched in crevasses and embarked on an inner journey.

During his sabbatical he became aware, that happiness is always inside of him. Since then he has been an advocate for a happy childhood experience.

Tiina and Alexander are living together with their pets, the two cats Renée and Caruso, and a lady dog called Camilla, in a dreamy place in the canton of Zurich. They both love living out their creativity, moving around in nature, spending time with and for children, meeting good friends, traveling, playing with Camilla, and most of all to just be.

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