Christmas with Taapo and Liina-Lou

Taapo, the bear, and the unicorn Liina-Lou are already very excited, 

because soon their favorite season of the year is here:

-Christmas Time -

Together with the Oltees and the help of Alex and Tiina they are just about to decorate the woods with lots of goodies for the forest animals and

to prepare colorful Christmas surprises for You!

How, where and when you can unpack these surprises,

you can find out further down below on this page!

The whole team of

Letsmakeitmagical wishes you a wonderful Christmas time and looks forward to turning the coming days and weeks with your participation into a celebration!

Image by Luke Chesser

A new book is coming out!

"While the little bear Taapo, the unicorn Liina-Lou and all the other inhabitants of the Bear Forest are already eagerly preparing for Christmas, there is no Christmas mood in one small house only:

Namely in the house of the Oltees.

They have only recently started living on the forest ground and have never heard anything about Christmas.


But that changes all of a sudden, as "Christmas" appears surprisingly at their door. Unfortunately, just at the moment the Oltees are about to greet the unexpected visitor, a big gust of wind simply blows it away!

Immediately the Oltees set out in search of the wind-blown "Christmas" and encounter

very special friends and

unforeseen challenges on their quest!


Whether they will find "Christmas" again and how Taapo and Liina-Lou are going to make Christmas a celebration for everyone, you will soon find out in this new book! "




You can buy 

"Taapo and Liina-Lou: Christmas with the Oltees" (German)

as from December 2020

in our shop, at and at a large selection of booksellers!


If you would like to receive a notification as soon as the book is available, simply send us a short message with the subject "Christmas Book " to or use the contact form.


We thank you for your interest in our work and wish you a lot of magic, fun and excitement with

Taapo , Liina-Lou and the Oltees!


Tiina and Alex

Image by Shreyas Malavalli

Taapo's and Liina-Lou's Magical Christmas Lights


Every Advent Sunday Taapo, Liina-Lou and Oltees 

are going to light a Magical Christmas Light

in their winter landscape!


If you click on the burning lanterns, a

Christmas Surprise will open up for You!

Image by Luke Chesser

More Christmas with Taapo and Liina-Lou!


Here you can watch the most popular videos of the

last year's advent calendar


in               -German*    

and take (again) part in the funny Christmas preparations

of the magical friends!


You can find more Christmas short films on our  

YouTube channel's playlist

"Advent Calendar! (*with English subtitle)


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