Taapo's und Liina-Lou's Happiness Campaign

Hello Lucky Child!

So nice that you are stopping by here to help Taapo the bear and the unicorn Liina-Lou

to spread a lot of happiness into the world!


As a thank you, a very special Happiness Share and a personal video message from

Taapo and Liina-Lou is waiting for you!

You can find out how this Happiness Campaign came about and how you can take part in it by watching the following video* as well as by scrolling further down on this page!

All of us at Letsmakeitmagical are looking forward to getting to know your Happiness Charm!


*This video is supplied with an English subtitle. You can activate it in the lower right corner

of the YouTube player below.

Like Taapo and Liina-Lou, you too would like to give away fragrant, shiny hearts of happiness?
Of course you can! With the help of an adult, lucky person and a click on the pink heart, you can namely make these special lucky charms yourself!

Recipe for fragrant lucky hearts:

Blau auf Creme Gradient
In order to participate in Taapo's and Liina-Lou's
Happiness Campaign, you only have make yourself and someone else happy
by sharing one small (or big) act of kindness.
You might want to check out some examples of former participants
by scrolling down to the bottom of this site.
Then fill out this form and send us a drawn or painted Happiness Picture (for legal reasons please no fotos of people) as a PDF or JPG in landscape format to
As a thank you for your efforts you will receive a printable
 Happiness Share and a unique and personal video message from 
Taapo and Liina-Lou! Additionally, you will be listed as a
Happiness Shareholder on this website!
How many hearts have already been touched by your Happiness Charm?1-1011-2021-3031-4041 and moreHow many hearts have already been touched by your Happiness Charm?

To our Happiness Shareholders


At a time in which we are being asked from many sides to keep our physical distance to each other, it is more important to us than ever before to put values ​​such as warmth, friendliness, care and compassion at the center of our attention and work .

For this reason, we are very happy about all your messages and personal Happiness Campaigns, with which you are touching countless hearts and enriching this page with inspiration and ideas for many more happy moments!


Many thanks to all of you! Happiness is that you exist.


Taapo and Liina-Lou with Tiina and Alexander , September 7, 2020


PS: Taapos and Liina-Lou's Happiness Campaign has no age limit! Childminded adults are also cordially invited to take part in it.

Letsmakeitmagical's Happiness Shareholders


To find out more about their ways of spreading Happiness, click on the pictures below.

(The texts are displayed in either *German or **English.)

Armin, 64 Years*
lets Happiness echo in the mountains.
Aarre, 1 Year*
spreads the Magic of Happiness with his feet!
Lumi, 3 Years*
sends Happiness by mail.
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