The Magic of Childhood

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;

what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Antoine de



For professional as well as private reasons, we from Letsmakeitmagical have been dealing with the topic of childhood already for quite some time. We're pondering questions such as: "What does it mean to be a child?", "What does a child need to have a happy childhood?", "How does our society deal with children?", and "Where have all the children gone, that we once used to be?"

With all these considerations, observations and experiences that we are allowed to make about and with children, a central theme always arises for us personally, namely the connection with our own hearts.


What touches us most about children is, that they naturally keep their hearts open to themselves and the whole world, and that their whole being and doing seems to arise straight from their hearts. Children can still feel this irrepressible enthusiasm and joie de vivre, which is why we as adults so often enjoy spending time with them and let ourselves be infected by their joyful state of being.


Children remind us, that our true nature lies in enthusiasm and joy, but that we are also here to fully embrace all aspects of life and welcome all of its facets with an open heart. They also teach us, that, in fact, being happy can be child's play and does not require any possessions, awards or special achievments.


To us it seems utterly important, that we as adults become willing to open our hearts again to this childlike way of being, and that we start to allow children to teach us and show us the way back to the magic kingdom of childhood.

For this reason, it is our wish to offer children and adult children of all ages with the projects and offers around Letsmakeitmagical the opportunity to lookt at life through children's eyes, and to see it through the lens of magic, awe and wonder.


We want to contribute to a world in which we as adults start to listen to children more closely and more consciously. We wish to witness adults being deeply touched and moved by the great wisdom, potential and intuitive knowledge residing within them, and to pay these qualities tribute with our words, decisions and actions.


Letsmakeitmagical stands for a yes to joy, a yes to trust and a big yes to courageously staying true to your own heart and unapologetically following its guidance.

"Your heart knows the way.

Run in that direction."

- Rumi-

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