Welcome to the World of Taapo and Liina-Lou!

One click on the following videos of our YouTube channel below takes you into the enchanted, powerful world of two truly magical friends!


Look forward to meeting the cheerful unicorn Liina-Lou, who always has some glitterdust and a good piece of encouraging advice in store, as well as getting to know her best friend, the little warm-hearted bear Taapo. He loves to dance, to eat honey buns from happy bees and to ask himself many small and big questions about life.


The video series is designed for pre- and elementary school children, but will certainly work miracles and put a smile on the faces of older kids and adults with a sense of magic, as well.

So far you can watch clips in Swiss German, German, Finnish and English*. Many of our videos are supplied with an English subtitle. You can activate it in the lower right corner of the YouTube player.

We hope you enjoy!



If you furthermore have skills, knowledge, equipment or know-how that you would like to share with us in order to further develop our films and offers, we really look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you so much!

Further Support


Creating our short films takes a lot of time, effort, energy and magic glitter!

The production and financing of all Letsmakeitmagical projects has so far been carried out entirely by ourselves.

If you enjoy the stories of Taapo and Liina-Lou as much as we do, and would like to show your appreciation and support our work, we graciously accept a donation that you

can make by clicking on the following button.




*We are paying close attention to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation in our videos. Since we are no native English speakers, we might unintentionally use incorrect language and wrong expressions that we notice only after the films have been edited and uploaded. We are happy to learn from our mistakes and further improve our language skills with regard to future episodes.


Thank you for your understanding!

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